How do I know what public sidewalk will be replaced?
The public sidewalk sections to be replaced are or will be marked with white arrows indicating the extent of replacement. Sidewalk squares are identified for replacement based upon Village Board-approved criteria. In some cases replacements are due to cracking, in others to eliminate trip hazards caused by heaving or sinking walks. If you have questions regarding marked squares, please contact the Department of Public Works at 414-847-2650.

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1. Why is this project necessary?
2. Who will be doing the work?
3. How do I know what public sidewalk will be replaced?
4. Will you also replace the sidewalk between the street and the sidewalk (carriage walk)?
5. What will the cost of replacing the sidewalk be for me?
6. Will the project include the replacement of the driveway apron?
7. When will the project be started and completed?
8. When will the contractor get to me?
9. What if use and access of my driveway is affected by this work?
10. What about my special conditions or requests?
11. How is restoration of turf handled?
12. When is my payment due?
13. Whom can I contact with questions?