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Shorewood is  working towards an environment of continuous improvement and eliminating waste. Welcome to your Lean resource page. Continue to check back for project updates, new resources and interesting articles! 

Welcome to Lean!

Here you will find all the information you'll need to successfully incorporate continuous improvement into your work life. Watch for future updates from Lean Teams!

Where to Begin?

Excellent question. Do you have any ideas to improve your job or do you maybe question other village processes? The Village and Lean Steering Team wants your suggestions on how processes can be improved, made more efficient and LEANER. Suggestions may be simple or complex, internal to your own department or something you see that another department could improve upon. All suggestions should be made in the spirit of improving Village processes and procedures.

You are encouraged to submit suggestions in the designated location within your department/facility (Village Hall & DPW only), by email to your Lean Suggestion Team or ckopydlowski@villageofshorewood.org) or by using the online form (PDF) (also below). Only the Suggestion Team sees who makes what suggestions and they forward the suggestion to the Steering Team.

In 2016 we had a Suggestion Blitz and four folks won a $100 VISA gift card each. See there happy faces in the picture?

Suggestion Form LINK (PDF)

5S Challenge Results from May 2017

The Winners ... The Library! Enjoy your Pizza Party!

Lean Winners 12 02-2016

Three reports were created to guide Shorewood through creating an environment of continuous improvement

A. Lean Vision Report

The Lean Vision Report provides an introduction to what Lean is and what it is for Shorewood and how we are going to implement Lean throughout our organization.


B. Lean Resource Manual

The Lean Resource Manual is a step-by-step manual for doing a Lean project. It explains the Lean DMAIC Method and provides the tools to implement, detailing how and when. The manual is a valuable resource and to those just learning Lean and seasoned Lean staff.


C. Process Improvement Resource Teams Roles & Responsibilities

The above Lean Organizational Chart shows six Process Improvement Resource Teams, also known as PIRs. The PIRs are deeply involved in implementing Lean, with each team responsible for defined tasks. This document provides minimum roles and responsibilities for each team as a baseline for starting Lean.


Org Chart Blue