Customer Service

Customer Service Guidelines

In 2007, the Village committed to providing an extraordinary customer service experience for its residents--every customer, every time. To that end, a half-day workshop for employees was devoted to development customer service guidelines that would be implemented. In 2008, every employee committed to adhering to the standards set forth in the manual which was developed as a result of that meeting. The manual is in the process of being updated, however, you can view the 2008 version (PDF).

Customer Service Training

Annually, during the month of October, employees are provided a customer service training/refresher course. The purpose of the customer service training is to remind us of our commitment to providing exceptional customer service to every customer, every time.

What’s New? Customer Service Tips

Periodically, either through a separate document or as part of the Shorewood Insiders newsletter, customer service tips are provided to either remind us of our commitment or to offer new insights into providing exceptional customer service. Here are some of the previous tips:

Customer Service Week Celebration - Customer Service Week is celebrated the first full week in October. Customer Service Week provides the opportunity to celebrate you and thank you for going above and beyond for our customers. Click here for the official Customer Service Week website.

  • Purpose
    • Remind employees that customer service IS NOT a department; it IS each and every one of us.
    • Raise employee awareness of their role and the importance of customer service.
    • Boost morale, encourage teamwork, increase personal motivation.
    • Remind customers of your commitment to customer satisfaction.

2023's theme is "Team Service". It's an important reminder that no matter where staff are working, what their job titles are or how they serve customers, everyone is on the same team.