Task Force Organization

The Wilson Drive Task Force will consist of one Steering Committee and four Work Groups. The Steering Committee will consist of 13 members, seven appointed from the community at-large, four from Shorewood citizen committees and two Village Board members. Each Work Group will have five to seven members from the community at-large.

The Steering Committee is charged with developing and implementing a communication plan to ensure public participation; providing oversight and guidance to work groups; reviewing findings and opinions of the work groups; and, organizing alternative scenarios for public review and comment.

The four Work Groups is charged with identifying and gathering data and information as needed; engaging subject matter experts as necessary; identifying priorities, requirements, possibilities and constraints; and developing options for three scenarios, which are: keep the road and corridor as is, reconfigure/narrow the road, and create new space.

Read more about the Task Force Framework, Organization, and Timeline (PDF).

Wilson Drive Framework Chart 2015