2013 Pavement Management Plan Update

An update to the 2009 Pavement Management Plan was completed in 2013. Pavement improvements identified in the updates have been coordinated with identified sewer and water system infrastructure upgrades.

On February 18, Department of Public Works (DPW) staff updated the Village Board on the status of the Pavement Management Plan. View a copy of that presentation (PDF) for more information.

Street Reconstruction Program

A Comprehensive Improvement Program has been identified for 2014 to 2020 (PDF). To see more detailed maps of each program, please select the appropriate year below:

Street Maintenance Program

The street maintenance program identifies road segments in need of repair by year and suggested maintenance strategy. View a map (PDF) displaying this project.

Alley Reconstruction & Maintenance Program

In 2013 all alley segments in the village were given a condition rating by DPW staff. The rating system used was the same as that required by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation every other year on all public streets. Please view a map illustration (PDF) of these ratings.

Department of Public Works staff is currently working with the village's consulting transportation engineer to develop a comprehensive alley reconstruction and maintenance plan for presentation to the Village Board. That plan will include funding alternatives for Village Board consideration.