What Do I Need to Do?

Understand the Downspout Disconnection Program

Learn about the program through our web site, view our other resources or call the Department of Public Works at 414-847-2650.

Review the results of your Site Evaluation

In the months following your site evaluation, a letter will be forwarded which either identifies downspouts that require disconnection or provides notice of a variance from the Code requirement. If disconnection is required, the action must be completed within one year.

Disconnect your Downspout(s) as Required

Many disconnections can be performed by a "handy" homeowner. Please view our resource page for additional information. Most plumbers or home contractors can also perform this task.

Schedule your Disconnection Inspection!

If you were required to disconnect one or more downspouts, please follow the instructions on your disconnection notice to schedule your inspection. Fees may apply if this step is not completed.  

Download the Disconnect to Protect Flyer

Click here for a handy version of the program information and requirements.

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