Frequently Asked Questions

The street tree in front of my home has been removed. When will it be replaced?

The Village has a backlog of trees which require replacement; this is due in part to no funding of tree replacement in the 2019 budget and the increasing impacts of emerald ash borer. It is our goal to return to an operation where a tree removed will be replaced the same year.  As we work toward that, please expect that the tree will be replaced the year following its removal.

Can I pick the species of the new tree in front of my home?

Our trained forestry professionals select the tree best suited to the site, evaluating clearance, adjacent infrastructure and underground utilities. We often order the new tree well in advance of the removal of the tree it is intended to replace.

The street tree in front of my home needs to be pruned. Who should I notify?

Please see the pruning page for schedule information. If you have an immediate concern, please contact the Public Works office at 414-847-2650.

A large branch has fallen from my street tree. Who should i notify?

Storm damage is collected by our forestry as soon as practical following the storm event. Please contact the Public Works office at 414-847-2650 to report any damage to the street tree adjacent to your house.

What should I do with brush from my private tree(s)?

Bush is chipped curbside by our collections staff on a monthly schedule. Please visit the collections section of our website for a map/schedule and more information.