2018 Photo Contest - Follow the Rain Drops!

The results are in!

First place winner Monarch's First Rain by Will Vuyk ($125 gift certificate)
Second place winner Autumn Rain in the Drain by Hope Conigliaro ($75 gift certificate)

Judging was difficult - so many amazing photos! Many thanks to all submitters for getting out and sharing your Shorewood!

1st Place - Monarch's First Rain

Paul - Monarchs 1st Rain

2nd Place - Autumn Rain in the Drain

Hope - Autumn Rain in Drain

Honorable Mentions

honorable mention

Honorable Mention

Mediterranean Midwest by Paul Matzner
Monarch at Atwater by Paul Matzner
WoodburmyStormGUARDen by Kathleen Duppler
Tiny Drops on Clematis by Amanda Gilman

Thanks to judges Angela Andre, Shorewood Public Library Graphic Designer; Anna Coffaro, Shorewood resident and artist; Kristin Amenson, Shorewood Waters Project graphic designer and photographer.

Judging parameters:
(1) relevance to the optic of rain and stormwater; (2) Shorewood Water Walk map locations, landscapes and native plants; and (3) artistic expression.

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1        Drops on Kale; Melissa VanderMel

2        Beautiful, on the Inside; Melissa VanderMel

3        I See You; Melissa VanderMel

4        Monarch's 1st Rain; Will Vuyk

5        Fog Rolling in Before Storm; Carrie Delgado           

6        Tiny Drops on Clematis; Amanda Gilman

7        Where does it end on Woodburn St.?; Kathleen Duppler

8        Flower in the Rain; Hope Conigliaro

9        Falling with the Rain; Hope Conigliaro

10     Reflecting Rain; Hope Conigliaro

11     Leaves in the Rain; Hope Conigliaro

12     Down the Drain; Hope Conigliaro

13     Autumn Rain; Hope Conigliaro

14     Rainy Day on River, Debbi Gartenberg

15     Atwater Beach; Stephanie Sherman

16     Clearing Up; Atwater Beach; Ben Pagenkopf     

17     Monarch at Atwater; Paul Matzner

18     Rain Forecast; Paul Matzner                                    

19     Tree in Rain at Atwater; Paul Matzner                 

20     Grasses at Atwater; Paul Matzner

21     Mediterranean Midwest; Paul Matzner

22     Rain on Mums; Kathleen Duppler

23     After Rain, Overlooking Hubbard Park; Dawn Stanger    

24     Fall Colors at Atwater; Ariella Jeansonne

25     Leaf with Drops; Pira Jordan

26     Fall Colors - Atwater Bluff; Jaime Flynn

27     Woodbury StormGUARDen; Kathleen Duppler

28     Puddles on Walk; Kathleen Duppler

29     Puddle Love; Amanda Gilman

30     Red leaf in the rain; Ann Biersteker

31     Bioswale to the Rescue; Alyssa Forseth


Where Does the Rain Go?

Rain either soaks into the ground or flows over the land as stormwater and then into storm drains. Along stormwater's path the flow cleans the land picking up trash of all kinds, chemicals from leaky vehicles and from lawns and gardens (fertilizer and pesticides), dog and animal waste and road salt in winter. In Shorewood, the storm drains discharge to the Milwaukee River, Lake Michigan or to the combined sewer system (treated by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District)

To keep our waterways clean and limit the amount of dirty stormwater, the goal is to keep the land clean and the rain where it falls to infiltrate into the ground as much as possible.