2021 Alley Reconstruction Program (proposed)

Planning and engineering design is underway for the Village’s proposed 2021 Alley Reconstruction Program.  Proposed alley segments include:

  • 1400 E. Elmdale Court/ E. Capitol Drive
  • 4000 N. Stowell Avenue/ N. Downer Avenue
  • 4100 N. Maryland Avenue/ N. Farwell Avenue
  • 4400 N. Murray Avenue/ N. Frederick Avenue
  • 4500 N. Morris Boulevard/ N. Larkin Street
  • 4400 N. Ardmore Avenue/ N. Wildwood Avenue
  • 4400 N. Marlborough Drive/ N. Wildwood Avenue

Please view the May 4, 2020 Village Board project presentation for additional information on the proposed program and green infrastructure recommendations. 

042020 presentation cover
project area graphic