SE Area Combined Sewer Improvements (SEASCI)

The Village of Shorewood’s planned South East Area Combined Sewer Improvements (SEACSI) are the culmination of decades of analysis, planning and engineering in response to several notable rain events - particularly July, 2010 - which led to widespread sewer system failures and property damage.

How did we get here?

Read a summary of the history of the events and evolution of Shorewood’s combined sewer service area.

Combined sewers - what’s different?

Understand the basics of Shorewood’s combined sewer operation and how it differs from the more common separated sewer systems.

What has been done so far?

Learn more about the projects and programs the Village has undertaken in recent years.

What’s planned?

View the conceptual designs and the scope of the improvements.

How will this work be funded?

Information regarding costs, financing and utility rates.

What’s MMSD’s role?

Shorewood’s sewer systems collect the wastewater from your home ... then what?

When will construction start?

Check the schedule of projects as currently envisioned.

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