Village of Shorewood Updates on Coronavirus


The Village of Shorewood created this page to give frequent updates on how the Coronavirus is impacting Village services and operations.  Village staff will update this page once there are new alerts related to the Coronavirus and impacts directly on the Shorewood community.  

For general inquiries related to the Coronavirus, please contact our North Shore Health Department (NSHD) at 414- 371-2980 visit the NSHD website, or the CDC website. Here is the recent and archived public briefings from NSHD. Here is a comprehensive dashboard map on the number of coronavirus cases in Milwaukee County.


Update on Face Mask Legislation and Enforcement

The local face covering requirement ordinance is no longer in effect starting May 18, 2021.  This decision was based on the new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that says fully vaccinated people don't need to be masked in a majority of indoors and outdoor locations.  

The Village Board strongly encourages community members and visitors to follow the new CDC recommendations and guidelines cited at  Per Library Board policy, face coverings are required to be worn by all visitors over the age of four while visiting the Shorewood Public Library.  For more information on the Shorewood Public Library policy, go to  We especially want to be cognizant of those children and any other populations not yet able to receive vaccinations and do our part to keep them safe.  This may include wearing a mask if you have not yet been vaccinated or wearing a mask to comply with guidance in a work, business or community setting.  In addition, the Village encourages anyone who does not feel safe under the new guidelines to continue wearing a face covering until the situation changes.  

If there are any changes in the CDC recommendations and guidelines or if COVID cases or trends change, the Village Board will reconsider the face covering ordinance and other measures to keep the community safe. We need to keep supporting each other as we move beyond this unprecedented crisis.  Thank you to all community members for responding to this crisis in a responsible manner.

North Shore Health Department 

The North Shore Health Department provided an update February 17, 2021 on continued momentum on the Reopening Plan for North Shore communities including Shorewood.  Click here to read the letter, learn about the recent trends, and updated safe practice guidelines for community members to follow.

Tax Payments

For those residents who elected to pay their property taxes under the installment plan, please be advised that the due date for the second installment remains March 31. These due dates have been established under the terms of Wisconsin State Statutes and we have not received any indication at this time that they are considering any actions to suspend those requirements. 

Fortunately, current statutes do offer a 5-day grace period for the local municipalities to receive payments before any deferred balances become past due and are subject to penalties. So please mail in your payments, or place them in the white drop-off mailbox in the parking lot behind village hall as soon as possible as the Village Hall is closed for in-person payment processing.  The Village is also not aware of any pending actions at this time that would provide for the waiving of any penalties or interest should this installment payment not be made in accordance with the due dates.

For tax bill payments, utility bill payments, citations, parking tickets, and other payments, residents may still either pay online or through the mail.

Public Meetings and Events

The Village Board will continue to meet as needed on essential items.  The Village plans to go back to in person meetings for all volunteer committees for the foreseeable future.  Check the Village’s meeting schedule to see agenda information.

Parking Restrictions for On-Street and Public Lots

Overnight parking restrictions in the Village of Shorewood remain in effect at this time. If anyone has questions about overnight parking during this time, please feel free to call 414-847-2610 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for more information.

Public Works Operations

At this time, refuse and recycling collection and other DPW services will continue subject to compliance with CDC guidelines regarding social distancing, hygiene, etc.  Please call 414-847-2650 if you have any Public Works related questions.  Saturday compactor hours are available.

Police Department Operations

Police officers will continue to proceed with their daily work assignments and emergency responses.  Drug drop-offs will not be accepted (secure unwanted drugs in your home).  In the event you require non-emergency police services, you may be asked to be contacted via the phone in order to determine if an officer response is necessary or the call for service can be handled over the phone.  Fingerprinting services are suspended.  In person payments are suspended during this time. You may also place parking citation payments in the drop box located in front of the building.  Click here to access police specific forms.  Though greatly appreciated, we will not be accepting any food donations.

Please feel free to call 414-847-2610 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to speak with customer service or 414-351-9900 between the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. to contact dispatch.  For emergencies, please continue to dial 9-1-1.

Senior Resource Center Operations

The Village of Shorewood’s Senior Resource Center office has limited hours open at this time.  Community members needing assistance may still contact Senior Resource Center Coordinator Elizabeth Price at 414-847-2727 or via email at

Shorewood Public Library

The Shorewood Public Library is providing library services at this time.  Please see library hours of operation and services offered including curbside pick-up of materials at  Per Library Board policy, face coverings are required to be worn by all visitors over the age of four while visiting the Shorewood Public Library.   For more information on the Shorewood Public Library policy, go to