Shorewood Yard Survey

Shorewood is a village known for its walkability and sustainability. And while we have several lovely parks and a great beach, one of the nicest places to walk is through the neighborhoods. We have lots of sidewalks, lovely trees, diverse architecture, and a community that cares for its yards.

We are also a community that cares about sustainability, as outlined in the 2025 Vision Plan for Shorewood. The vision includes:

  1. An ecologically responsible community with an appreciation for the lake, river, and other natural areas and a commitment to sustainability
  2. A healthy community with clean air and water; access to excellent medical services; and businesses, facilities, spaces, and programs that promote personal health and wellness

In this survey, we are interested in learning what Shorewood residents enjoy about their yards, what are some of the challenges they face in maintaining and using their yards, and how the Shorewood Conservation Committee can develop programs that can increase the sustainability of our community."

Take the survey here.