Homeowner Responsibilities

The meter in your home or business is the property of the Shorewood Water Utility and it must be maintained, including testing and/or replacement, as regulated by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. 

Homeowners have a role too!

Provide Access to the Meter

As outlined in the Shorewood Village Code and PSC 185.37(2)(f), homeowners must allow Utility personnel or their designated representative(s) access to the meter. Most water meters are located in the basement and our installers will need to enter your home. All current CDC-recommended COVID protocols will be followed. Please visit the Vanguard Utility Service (our installation contractor) website for more information regarding their safety protocols..

An adult age 18 years of age or older must be present to allow access to the installation vendor. Vendors will have ID badges. You can verify their identity on our webpage or call the Shorewood Police Department at (414) 847-2610.

Keep Meter Free of Obstructions

The area surrounding the meter must be accessible and free of obstructions from furniture, stored items, interior walls or other structures. A clear path and work area must be available at the time of your appointment.

Maintain Private Plumbing in Good Repair

While the meter is the responsibility of the Water Utility, the plumbing to and from the meter (including the isolation valve), is owned and maintained by the building owner and it must meet Village Code and Wisconsin Plumbing Code requirements. 

§ 514-18. Service piping for meter settings.
 C. All plumbing adjacent to the water meter must be free from leaks and in good condition prior to water meter installation or replacement. If the plumbing is deemed defective by Water Utility personnel, Plumbing Inspector or Building Inspector, said plumbing must be repaired at the expense of the property owner. If the property owner fails to repair the defective plumbing within such time as may appear reasonable to the Water Utility after notification has been served on the property owner by the Water Utility, the water will be shut off until the necessary repairs have been completed.

Pipe Freezing. If the isolation valve is inoperable, the service line will be frozen to complete the replacement. Pipe freezing involves the use of a special plumbing kit that has freeze heads and uses either CO2 or another type of refrigerant to create a small ice block in the pipe, which stops the water from flowing. Once the flow of water has stopped, the meter will be replaced. The ice plug will melt after a short period of time and water service is automatically restored to the affected pipe.

If the homeowner's valves are not in working order and the homeowner requests the use of the Village's curb stop valve during the meter change process, the reconnection fee identified by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission in the Village most recent Rate File (page 13) shall apply.

Disconnection Process

In instances where the Shorewood Water Utility or its contractor is prohibited access to the meter and/or the property owner fails to repair defective plumbing, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission allows for disconnection of the water service. That process is illustrated below.

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disconnect process final