Water Meter Replacement Program

DPW Shorewood Water Meter

The Village's Water Meter Replacement Program has entered its final phase.

To date, approximately 3.300 new water meters and automated readers have been installed by Vanguard Utility Services, the Village's contracted installer, and Shorewood Water Utility personnel. Approximately 20 replacements are yet to be completed.

All properties have been mailed at least three project notifications. Beginning in late July, the remaining properties will be issued disconnection of service notifications. Under the Wisconsin Administrative Code PSC 185.37, a utility may refuse service for "refusal or failure to permit authorized utility personnel access to the base meter". The Village is under WDNR directive to complete this project in 2022 and all remaining meters must be upgraded..

Disconnection notices are issued via U.S. mail at least 10 days in advance of the scheduled water shut-off. Five days prior to the disconnection of service, the dwelling will be posted (notifications on each ground level point of entry). The disconnection action will be suspended pending the scheduling of a meter replacement appointment.

disconnect process final

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission requires that all water meters be replaced on a 20-year cycle.  Shorewood’s most recent meter replacement program was initiated in 1995.