Water Meter Replacement Program

DPW Shorewood Water Meter

Water meter replacements are scheduled to begin Monday, August 9th.

Meter Replacement Schedule FINAL

The Village of Shorewood’s Water Meter Replacement Program will include the use of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) reading system.  The use of AMI technology will allow safe, secure and effective communication and proactive customer service while improving system reliability and operating efficiency.  The new system will not require manual meter readings; hourly readings of your water usage will be automatically transmitted and will allow early leak detection efforts at both the distribution and individual customer levels.

The Village has selected Midwest Meters to supply Badger meters and an Aclara AMI system.  Vanguard Utility Services will serve as the installation subcontractor. Meter installation is scheduled to begin in May. The replacement of the water meters will REQUIRE Village staff and/or contractors to enter your home.

 The Wisconsin Public Service Commission requires that all water meters be replaced on a 20-year cycle.  Shorewood’s most recent meter replacement program was initiated in 1995.

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