Combined Sewer System

The Shorewood Sewer Utility operates and maintains a collection system of approximately 158,400 lineal feet of sewers. Just over 60% of Shorewood's system is comprised of combined sewer pipes. The sewers range in size from 12 to 78 inches in diameter and pipe materials include concrete, clay, and brick. Much of the original sewer infrastructure, including private laterals, dates to the early 1900's. The combined system serves the area approximately east of North Oakland Avenue (see a map (PDF)).

The graphic at right illustrates the workings of a typical combined system which conveys clear water from private property, often including roof and foundation drains, along with rainwater from street drains and waste water in a single pipe for treatment.

The waste water from the Village collection system discharges to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District via a connection to the Metropolitan Interceptor Sewer (MIS) located near the Milwaukee River at the southern end of River Park.