2019 Atwater Stair Rehabilitation (proposed)

The area beneath the stairway was damaged during the July 2010 storm events.  Maintenance activities performed by Village staff have not stemmed the erosion from the original washout areas and there is concern that further erosion may compromise the stair structure.

The proposed rehabilitation includes:

  • Repair of erosion damage below the metal stair structure and the installation of a stone revetment to protect against further erosion damage.
  • The replacement of the existing stair structure underdrain with subsequent connection to the drainage system installed as part of the 2012 bluff rehabilitation project.
  • Cleaning and painting of the metal stair structure (including handrails).
  • Removal and replacement of the wood decking, stair tread and existing integrated benches with IPE wood (same material as boardwalk construction)

Construction is anticipated to begin mid-September 2019 and be complete by November 2019. The stairs and beach will be CLOSED DURING CONSTRUCTION.


Erosion July 2010