General Engineering Services

The Village of Shorewood is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide a full range of municipal engineering services.  The contract will be administered by Department of Public Works staff. A full copy of the RFP document can be viewed here.

Estimated Timeline
The Village anticipates that engineering services under a new contract will begin on or about January 22, 2024.

Proposals due                                      November 3, 2023      
Firms notified of interview                    November 10, 2023       Interview week                                     November 27, 2023
Village Board approval of contract       December 18, 2023         

The Village’s Long Range Financial Plan (capital improvement) includes a number of large infrastructure projects scheduled during the contract term. These projects are currently in design by others and include 2024 Southeast Area Combined Sewer Improvements Phase II, 2025 STH 32/Lake Drive Reconstruction (WisDOT), 2026 N. Oakland Avenue Reconstruction and a comprehensive Streetlight Replacement program is scheduled for implementation 2024-2029. Beginning in 2027 the Village will turn its focus to implementation of its Lead Service Line Replacement Program.                   

Submittal Instructions

  • Please provide (1) digital copy of the proposal via email only to:
    Leeann Butschlick, Director of Public Works
    Identify proposal name in subject line of the email: General Engineering Services  
    Deadline: Friday, November 3, 2023
    12:00 P.M. (noon)
  • Proposals will be accepted on or before the deadline identified above. Proposals received after that date and time will be rejected. Proposals will not be opened publicly.
  • Questions regarding this RFP should only be directed to the staff members identified in the RFP document.  Contact with elected officials, committee members and other staff members is grounds for disqualification.

Village Profile
Located between the shores of Lake Michigan and the banks of the Milwaukee River, the Village of Shorewood was incorporated in 1900.  Today, Shorewood is a fully-developed community of approximately 13,200 people served by an urban infrastructure which dates to the early 1900’s.

The Village is comprised primarily of medium to high density residential development with urban cross-section streets.  Commercial development is concentrated along the Oakland Avenue and Capitol Drive arterials.  There is no industrial development within the Village.  Open space and parkland comprise approximately 130 acres or 13% of the Village land area.

The Village is a member community of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and is served by both combined and separated sewer conveyance systems.  The Shorewood Water Works is a wholesale customer of Milwaukee Water Works and owns and maintains its water infrastructure.  The street light and traffic control systems are also owned and maintained by the Village.

Contracts for engineering design and construction management services related to infrastructure improvement programs are currently competitively awarded on a project basis. The firm to which the general engineering services contract is award would be eligible to compete for these projects.

General engineering services are currently provided under contract by Strand Associates.  The Village’s purchasing policy requires that all major service contracts be competitively reviewed at 3 - 5 year increments.

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