Special Plans & Reports

The Planning & Development Department has facilitated several Special Plans and Reports to help assist the Village in planning and community development efforts. These are the plans that help guide community decisions and their implementation results in the future vision of Shorewood.

Commercial Zoning Update

Identified as one of the primary actions within the Strategic Directions of the Shorewood Comprehensive Plan 2040, the Village commenced discussions of a Commercial Zoning Update inclusive of hybrid form-based code elements in early 2022. Unlike strictly conventional zoning, which emphasizes the separation of land uses, form-based zoning regulations emphasize the physical character of development and consider the relationships between buildings and the street, pedestrians and vehicles, and public spaces and private spaces. Hybrid codes also address land uses, but also focus on how development relates to the context of the surrounding area.  

Housing Affordability Analysis

Per Wis. State Statute 66.10013, municipalities over 10,000 in population shall prepare and upload a Housing Affordability Analysis.  This analysis shall include a report relative to  the implementation of the municipality's housing element of its comprehensive plan, and an analysis of various permit, mapping and development-related regulations. 

Housing Market Study and Needs Analysis

In 2019, the Village of Shorewood Community Development Authority contracted with a consultant to perform a Housing Market Study and Needs Analysis to help decision makers, stakeholders, and community members better plan for the future.  The CDA opted to take on this study to determine how best to move forward with its Neighborhood Improvement Loan Program, assist with Strategic Planning, provide insight into whether or not the Village should consider extending the life of any of its TIF districts to support affordable housing needs, and to serve as the basis for updating the housing chapter of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan.

New Housing Fee Report

Per Wis. State Statute 66.10014, municipalities over 10,000 in population shall prepare and upload a New Housing Fee Report relative to residential development fees to their website.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan Update 

In 2024, the Village has committed to updating its Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan. The current plan was adopted in 2015 and sought to update and condense prior planning efforts into a single, actionable document. This plan continues to be the reference document for pedestrian and bicycle facilities in the village, but based on its age, updates to internal practices, priorities and staffing, and trends within the profession, has been identified to be in need of an update. 

Transportation and Parking Analysis

In 2019, the Village undertook a Transportation and Parking Analysis to evaluate opportunities for improving the current public parking system and transportation infrastructure to better support and serve the community. The goals of this engagement were to provide community members with an opportunity to help shape public policy and recommendations that positively impact their community.