2019 Alley Reconstruction Program

Construction Update

The project is scheduled to begin the week of Monday, April 8. Work will kick-off with the pulverization of the alley pavement. This surface will be rough but drive-able and will allow access to garages until the pavement is removed. 

Notices will be provided to affected properties prior to pavement removal. During this time, access to the alley will be restricted.  Please park in an alternate location away from the construction zone. On-street overnight parking will require the use of your construction parking permit.

Once pavements are removed, the alley will be excavated to proper elevations and gravel placed.  At this time, temporary gravel ramps will be placed to provide access to your garage.

A notice will also be issued prior to asphalt paving (and the removal or your gravel ramps).  Access to the alley will also be restricted during paving operations.

Alleys will be constructed in groups, beginning with alleys 5,6,7 and 8 (as identified below).

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The 2019 alley program includes the alleys serving the following properties:

  • 1500 to 1700 blocks East Beverly Road / East Newton Avenue
  • 4000 block North Wilson Drive / North Woodburn Avenue
  • 4000 block of North Morris Boulevard / North Larkin Street
  • 4300 block North Sheffield Avenue / North Marlborough Drive
  • 4400 block North Morris Boulevard / North Larkin Street
  • 4400 block North Newhall Street / North Bartlett Avenue
  • 4500 block North Woodburn Street / North Morris Boulevard
  • 4500 block North Larkin Street / North Newhall Street

A contract for the work has been awarded to All-Ways Construction.  Work is anticipated to begin Monday, April 8, weather permitting.  The final completion date is August 2, 2019.

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