Bird City Wisconsin

Shorewood first became a Bird City member community in 2014 by successfully fulfilling the criteria in five categories. To qualify for Sustained Flight status as a Bird City, Shorewood had to demonstrate that it:

  • actively created and protected bird habitat;
  • participated in programs promoting effective community forest management;
  • limited or eliminated hazards to birds;
  • furthered community education efforts on birds and bird habitats; and
  • fostered community celebration of International Migratory Bird Day.

Estabrook Park, which is situated along the Milwaukee River and constitutes a segment of the Lake Michigan Birding and Nature Trail, is the epicenter of birding in Shorewood, and with the sustained effort of Friends of Estabrook Park maintaining and improving bird habitat, it provides numerous opportunities for birding activities. Also, during the weekly bird walks conducted by Chuck Hagner, over 166 bird species have been documented in Shorewood. Another highlight of birding in Shorewood is the opportunity to watch and participate in the counting of over 100 chimney swifts exiting the chimney of St. Robert's Church located at the corner of Capitol Drive and Maryland Avenue.

These birding activities are only possible because of the concerted effort of numerous people in educating residents to find ways to protect birds from window strikes, household cats, and other hazards as well as create and sustain the requisite habitat for the many different bird species found in Shorewood. To find out more information, visit Bird City Wisconsin.

Bird City
Indigo Bunting