Water Tools for Teachers


Check out Shorewood's new online water resource educational tools - the Freshwater Tool Kit.

The Freshwater Tool Kit is the 2.0 online version of Shorewood's Water Tools for Teachers.

Let us know if you’d like to schedule a free, Freshwater 101 presentation to connect your students to our local waterways, water history and introduction to the world’s water resources – all within the timeframe of a class period. 
Call 414-588-0617 or email swp@shorewoodwi.gov

Free, Fun & Interactive Support for Teachers
Provided by the Village of Shorewood

Freshwater Tool Kits activities are multidisciplinary, can be adapted to fit inquiry and phenomenon-based programs and help to meet Wisconsin State Environmental Literacy and Sustainability standards. This content will connect students to their local community, help them explore how we interact and depend on our water resources and provide ideas to engage them in deeper dives in water research and analysis. 

These quick and easy activities were created with busy teachers in mind – this is not a lengthy lesson plan, just a menu of activities to enrich your connection to the community and the Milwaukee area’s greatest asset – freshwater. We can also provide support in getting your classes outside to Lake Michigan at Atwater Beach or the Milwaukee River at Hubbard Park for cleanups, water quality testing or checking out native plants and butterflies at the Monarch Waystation in Atwater Park.

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