Shorewood Monarch Project

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Shorewood Monarch Project is an inter-generational community initiative to increase awareness about the importance of butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects and to encourage residents to conserve and create healthy habitats for pollinators in their own yards.

As part of the initiative, Atwater Bluff has been certified as a Colossal Monarch Waystation. Its mix of native plants provides nourishment for pollinating insects throughout the growing season. The variety of milkweed species found on the bluff assures a longer breeding season for Monarch butterflies.

The Shorewood schools are also exploring the creation of smaller waystations on school property. Students from Atwater, Lake Bluff, and St. Robert Schools are creating informational materials that will be displayed throughout the community.

This initiative was launched by staff from the Senior Resource Center and Shorewood Public Library with assistance from other Village department staff and concerned citizens. The Shorewood Men’s Club is providing financial support.

More information may be found on the Shorewood Monarch Project Facebook page and the following resources:


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