Zoning & Land Use


Zoning regulates the use of parcels of land by assigning them a classification or district. The standards adopted for each district specify the:

  • Type of building that can be constructed or improvements made
  • Distance building must be located from property lines
  • Height of the building
  • Minimum square footage of building
  • Other requirements
  • Zoning District Summary Table

Complete zoning information may be found in Chapter 535.

Zoning Map

Geographic Information System (GIS)

To see what a property is zoned, view the Shorewood GIS page.  

Land Use

Unlike zoning, which is a regulation, land use planning documents what types of development currently exist or guides how future development should occur.  It takes into account how new redevelopment projects can complement existing development, while considering social, environmental and physical factors. The current Village land use pattern is predominantly residential and is influenced by the business district corridors that divide Shorewood into four quadrants, split north-south and east-west along Oakland Avenue and Capitol Drive.

As a requirement of Comprehensive Planning, the Village's Future Land Use Map depicts recommended future land uses over the 20-year planning period and their location within the Village.