Parks & Public Spaces Committee


The Parks and Public Spaces Committee is a committee that initiated in 2021.  It is a consolidation of the Parks Commission and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee to allow both groups to collaborate on issues and public events.  Here is a summary of the purpose and function of the Committee:

  • Provide general review and recommendations on the physical improvement, maintenance and use of all Village parks, park facilities, and other Village owned public spaces. Items in the public right-of-way (i.e. street reconstruction or resurfacing, utility improvements, signs, tree planting or removal, lighting, etc.) will only be reviewed by the Committee if it is requested by a Village department or the Village Board.
  • Review policies related to events and objects in the public right-of-way and make recommendations, if appropriate, to the Village Board and/or staff.
  • Present an updated Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan and Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Master Plan for the Village Board to consider for approval.
  • Collaborate with the Shorewood Recreation Department, School District, Milwaukee County Parks, other Village committees, Village departments, and other community groups on initiatives to improve the Village’s parks, park facilities and other public spaces.
  • Create educational programs and events that inform community members about the Village’s parks, park facilities and other public spaces outlined in the Village Code. Events may also celebrate Shorewood as a bikeable and walkable community.
  • Create civic engagement opportunities for community members to provide feedback on park uses, pedestrian and bicycle safety, transportation issues, and other topics related to public spaces.
  • Publish annual report outlining initiatives completed, priorities for the upcoming year, and common themes heard from public input. Consult Village departments and community groups for valuable metrics and possible initiatives.
  • Perform such other duties and assume such other responsibilities as it may be assigned by the Village Board.
  • Three Subcommittees work on programs, policy recommendations, educational materials, etc:
    • Parks: Reviews space improvements and policies related to Atwater Park and Beach, Humble Park, Hubbard Park, Nature Preserve, River Park, and Triangle Park. Subcommittee may reach out to Milwaukee County Parks to discuss improvements or policy related to Estabrook Park.
    • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: Reviews policy and educational programs to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety for community members.  Receives reports from Police Department on incidents occurring in the Village on annual basis.
    • Other Public Spaces: Reviews space improvements, programs and policy related to areas that are in the public right-of-way that connect to parks and the pedestrian/bicycle experience. This currently includes the dog waste station trial program, education on leaves dumped on the greenway and not the street for collection, audits and review on wayfinding stations, and education on acquiring permits for improvements in the right-of-way related to landscaping.


  • Second Tuesday of the month
  • Call to Order at 6:00 p.m.
  • Village Hall Committee Room, 2nd floor, 3930 N. Murray Ave., Shorewood, WI 53211

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas will be available prior to the meetings. Minutes will be available following approval.

Check the Village Calendar or Agenda Center to view upcoming meetings or sign up to receive meeting notices under the Notify Me button.

Most Recent Agenda (PDF) | View All Agendas and Minutes

How to Join

If you are interested in joining the Committee, please see the links below. The application will be kept on file and considered when there is a committee vacancy.

VOLUNTEER FORM (PDF) (printable)

VOLUNTEER FORM (online and fillable)


The Parks and Public Spaces Committee will be comprised of 13 members.

  • Gary Brunk - Chair
  • Hanna Seegers - Vice Chair
  • Ian Berry
  • Kristin Greenman
  • Mary Jorgensen
  • Andrew Kaczmarek
  • Donald Lodge
  • Heather Mansfield
  • Roger Mason
  • Sandie Pendleton
  • Ruth Williams
  • One current vacancy
  • Trustee Liaison Kathy Stokebrand

Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, 2015

Shorewood’s parks plan was recently updated from the 2007 plan. The plan evaluates each parks and open space conditions and make recommendations. The Parks Commission reviews the recommendations and creates an implementation plan and prioritizes each item. View the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (PDF).

Pedestrian and Bike Master Plan, 2015

Shorewood’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee created this plan back in 2015 to identify best practices when it comes to pedestrian and bicycle safety.  The Village Board adopted the plan committing to work with local, regional and national partners to promote pedestrian and bicycle-related projects and programs that will lead to a more interconnected transportation network.  View the Pedestrian and Bike Master Plan (PDF).

Staff Liaison

If you would like to contact members of the citizen committee, please email the staff liaison listed below: