Property Tax Information & Payments

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Go to guest sign in and search for your property. In the “tax Information” section, select the municipality, then you can usually find your property by just entering your street number (house #), in the “Address” section and then clicking search.  Select your property for the 2022 tax year. Click on the “taxes” tab. From here you can reprint your tax bill, or print a tax summary report. The tax year report will show you all the information about your taxes, including any payments made listed on the bottom.


Property tax bills will be mailed to property owners in mid-December. The bills include taxes levied by the Village of Shorewood, the Shorewood School District, Milwaukee County, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, and the State of Wisconsin.

Property tax bills can be paid in the following methods:

*** Online payments and the additional fees are collected through a third party vendor ***

Escrow checks that have been made out to the property owner and the Village must be properly endorsed. Refunds for overpayments will be processed within 30 days.

Due Dates

Taxes are due in full by January 31 of each year, unless using the installment plan. If using the installment plan, the first installment is due by January 31, the second installment is due by March 31, and the third installment is due by May 31. Payments must be received in the office or Village drop box by close of business. 

In accordance with State Law, interest and penalties are assessed at 1.5% per month retroactive to February 1 on the full remaining balance. Unpaid taxes as of August 1 are collected by the Milwaukee County Treasurer.

Mailing Address /Name Changes

To provide an updated mailing address information for a tax bill, please email:  

Name changes on tax bills will be updated when title deed information is received from Milwaukee County and will show on the next tax bill.  It will not show on the current tax bill as those bills have already been printed.

Lottery Credit

Owners of a home in Wisconsin who use the home as their primary residence on January 1 of the year in which the property taxes are levied qualify for the Lottery and Gaming Credit which reduces the property taxes due on the property tax bill. 

An owner who qualifies for the credit, but whose tax bill does not reflect the credit, may claim the credit until January 31 following the issuance of the tax bill with the treasurer responsible for collecting the property taxes. 

You can file a late claim with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue from February 1 until October 1 of the year following the issuance of the tax bill.

Please access additional information on the Lottery and Gaming Credit Program.

Requests for Information

Property tax information (tax amounts, assessment information, etc.) can be obtained online at

This information will not be provided over the telephone by Village staff. 

View a property tax information policy document (PDF) for more information.