Edgewood Avenue Resurfacing and Advisory Bike Lanes

The resurfacing of Edgewood Avenue features a lane configuration new to the Milwaukee area - Advisory Bike Lanes.  

ABLs include a single, center travel lane that is shared by motorists traveling in both directions and dashed bike lanes adjacent to parking lanes. Bicyclists have the right-of-way within the bike lanes. 

After looking out for, slowing and yielding to bicyclists, drivers merge into the advisory bike lanes to pass each other safely (similar to the maneuver motorists use when passing on Shorewood's other narrow residential streets with parked cars). This traffic configuration was chosen due to the combination of a narrow street and on-street parking on both sides of Edgewood Avenue.  

The lanes are new to the area, so the City of Milwaukee has created a website to help explain the ABL operations and receive feedback. For more information, please also see short videos created when these lanes were installed in Fort Collins, Colorado, and Ann Arbor, Michigan.   

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