Take the Pledge!

The Village of Shorewood has proclaimed this summer the Summer of Water Action. This is a time to learn and take action to help enjoy, protect and enhance our water resources.

Clean water is essential to all of us and countless other creatures, not to mention our economy and quality of life. Can you imagine not having water freely flowing from your tap, shower or garden hose? Or not being able to wash food, dishes or clothes whenever you’d like? We’re so fortunate to live in an area with high quality and abundant water. However, billions of people worldwide do not have access to safe water and worldwide drought is making this dire situation worse.

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Be the difference! Take the Plunge and Take the Shorewood Waters Pledge!

Pledge to make 3-5 simple changes that can make all the difference. Check out our Top 15 Actions to Protect Our Waterways. Take the Pledge here

Weekly contest: All participants will be entered in a weekly contest starting June 1st that will be drawn randomly. Prize includes a Shorewood Waters box filled with fun SWP items. Winners will be announced weekly in the Shorewood Village Manager's memo. Prizes may be picked up at the Shorewood Department of Public Works. Participants are eligible for only one weekly prize in this contest. 
Grand Prize contest: Show us how you're doing on the Pledge and post your pics to the Shorewood Waters Facebook page. One grand prize winner will be chosen from the Facebook posts and announced at the October 8th Fish & Feather Festival. Contest winner will be announced in the Village Manager's Memo. Must be a Shorewood resident age 16 and older to be eligible.

Just click the Pledge button below to get started!

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Let's go Shorewood!

Let's make Mother Nature and our waters proud with and enjoyable healthy resource for generations to come!

TAKE ACTION; Water quality can quickly deteriorate if we don't keep a watchful eye and help reduce pollutants that enter our waterways. There are many easy ways that we can become part of the solution. Check out these Simple Solutions!

WHY? Although we live in water-rich region, we are not immune to disasters. Learn about the Aral Sea, a salty freshwater lake larger than Lake Michigan that nearly disappeared in less than 40 years in Eastern Europe due to excess irrigation, poor management and drought.

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