Private Lead Service Line Replacement Contractor Prequalification


The Village of Shorewood is seeking qualifications from licensed plumbers and/or utility contractors who are interested in performing private lead service line replacement work. The WI DNR has made funds available through the SDWLP to qualified municipalities to eliminate the private portion of a lead service line serving a single-family home, a multi-family building, a pre-k through 12 school, or a licensed or certified infant/child daycare facility. Licensed plumbers/utility contractors providing appropriate responses to the RFQ will be placed on a certified plumbers list. Owners of these properties will be able to contract directly with a licensed certified plumber/utility contractor and once work is completed, eligible costs will be paid by the Village of Shorewood directly to the contractor.

Request for Qualifications Document
Contractor Prequalification Form

Project Funding and Federal Requirements

please refer to the RFQ document for project funding requirements and federal requirements.

Submission Instructions

Licensed plumbers/utility contractors interested in performing lead service line replacements funded by the Private Lead Service Line Replacement Program should submit a response to the RFQ by completing the provided submission form.  

PLEASE NOTE: Qualifications may be submitted  after the deadline stated in the RFQ document:

Shorewood Department of Public Works
3801 N. Morris Boulevard
Shorewood, WI 53211

 Questions regarding this Request for Proposals may be directed to Leeann Butschlick, Director of Public Works at