2025 N. Oakland Avenue Pavement Replacement

Pavement replacement on N. Oakland Avenue (from E. Capitol Drive to the north Village limits) is proposed for 2025. Preliminary engineering and design work is underway. 

The Village Board’s Public Works Committee will meet virtually on Monday, March 14 at 6:00 p.m. to review recommended project enhancements for the 2025 N. Oakland Avenue (Capitol Drive to Glendale Avenue) pavement replacement. In 2021, the Board directed its consulting engineer to review recommendations from the 2020 Transportation and Parking Analysis, the 2015 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan and the 2013 Guidebook for Green Infrastructure and explore options for incorporating recommended enhancements into the N. Oakland Avenue project. The meeting will include discussion by the Public Works Committee members and opportunities for public input and feedback. The virtual agenda and meeting link can be found here.

Project History

The project was previously identified in the Village's Long Range Financial Plan implementation schedules for 2029 construction. In planning for the 2021 budget, the Village Board advanced the project - identified as pavement replacement - to 2022 in recognition of rapidly deteriorating pavement conditions. Following a competitive selection process, an engineering and design contract was awarded to Clark Dietz, Inc. in December 2020. The design engineer was tasked with evaluations of pedestrian safety improvements and green infrastructure enhancements. The complete project scope can be viewed in the September 20, 2020 Request for Proposals.

Recognizing the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on the local businesses and the potential impact of construction on a recovering Shorewood business district, the Village Board voted in early 2021 to defer the project to 2025. 

Project Scope

The Village Board has identified and approved the project as "pavement replacement"; improvements will largely occur between the curbs and to underground utilities.  In addition to roadway pavement, the project will replace aging watermain and services the length of the corridor. As noted above, the Village Board will make a determination regarding identified and recommended pedestrian and bicycle safety and green infrastructure enhancements. Ash trees will be evaluated and replaced in accordance with the Village's Ash Tree Replacement Program. 

Public Works Committee Review

The project engineer presented a preliminary recommendation at a March 14 special meeting of the Public Works Committee. Click on the image below to view a graphic representation of the engineer's recommendations. For additional information, view the meeting materials and presentation slides and access the meeting recording.

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