1. Resolution 2022-01 International Migratory Bird Day
  2. Resolution 2022-02 DNR Safe Drinking Water Load Program
  3. Resolution 2022-03 A Resolution Amending the Village Fee Schedule Relative to Parking Permits
  4. Resolution 2022-04 Removing Certain Streetscaping Elements
  5. Resolution 2022-05 Revoking the Declaration of a Public Health Emergency in Response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus
  6. Resolution 2022-06 Regarding DNR Resources NR 208 2021 Compliance Maintenance Annual Report
  7. Resolution 2022-07 Central Count Processing to be Moved to Village Hall
  8. Resolution 2022-08 Amending Fees Within The Village Fee Schedule
  9. Resolution 2022-09 Authorizing Execution of the DNR Principal Forgiven Financial Assistance Agreement.pdf
  10. Resolution 2022-10 Authorizing an Exeption to the Levy Limits for Charges for the NSFD
  11. Resolution 2022-11 Approving the 2023 NSFD Fees for Service Schedule
  12. Resolution 2022-12 Repudiating the History of Discriminatory Covenants in Milwaukee Co.
  13. Resolution 2022-13 Establishing NS Dementia Alzheimers Education and Training Program
  14. Resolution 2022-14 DNR 2022 Urban Forestry Grant Application
  15. Resolution 2022-15 Implementing a Temp Pause in Enforcement to Promote Pollinator Survival
  16. Resolution 2022-16 Adopting Public Participation Plan to update the Comprehensive Plan 2040 in conjunction with the Commercial Zoning Update
  17. Resolution 2022-17 Adopting the 2023 Budget Authorizing the 2022 Gen. Prop. Tax Levy
  18. Resolution 2022-18 Auth. the Carry Forward of Allowable Prior Yr. Unused Levy Capacity
  19. Resolution 2022-19 Auth. Special Assessment to be Levied for Delinquent Muni. Charges
  20. Resolution 2022-20 Auth. Special Assessment for the Cost of Replacement of Private Lead Srv Latera
  21. Resolution 2022-21 Approv. BID 2023 Plan 2022 Special Assessment Levy
  22. Resolution 2022-22 Returning Polling Location for Wards 5-8 to the N Gym of SHS January 2024
  23. Resolution 2022-24 Confirming Obligation to Contribute to the Budget for the NSFD
  24. Resolution 2022-25 Approving a Single or Multi Year Capital Budget of Glendale Station 82 Project