2021 Frederick Avenue Watermain Relay

Approximately 1,000 feet of water main will be replaced in N. Frederick Avenue between approximately E. Capitol Drive and E. Beverly Road. Work will also include the replacement of the municipal portion of the lead service line. Property owners may elect to have the private portion of the lead service line replaced by the Village's contractor during the project. Please see below for more information regarding the Village's Lead Service Replacement Policy. 

Updated Construction Schedule
Construction began Monday, July 12th. Work began with watermain installation, anticipated to take approximately two weeks, weather permitting. The third week of construction will include testing of the new main and the beginning of water service replacements, including private lead service line work. Road restoration is anticipated in early to mid-August with landscape restoration to follow.

Please note - several water shut-offs will be required as a part of this project. Affected residents will be notified.

Lead Service Replacements

The municipal portion of the approximately 24 water services connecting to this main segment will be replaced as a part of this project. Property owners will have the option to replace their private water service under the Village's contract, potentially at a reduced cost.

Affected property owners will  be mailed information regarding the project. A project public information meeting date is being finalized..

Lead Service Replacement Policy

The Village's Lead Service Replacement Policy addresses three components:

  • Public Education and Information
  • Removing Lead Services from the Distribution System
  • Protecting Our Customers
To view the policy document, please click here. For additional information, please visit our Lead Service Replacement Program web page.

Project Communications

January 2021 postcard
April 21 letter
2021 LSL Program Info Sheet

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PIM presentation
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