Annual Reports and Proposed Initiatives


The Village Board adopted the Vision 2025 Plan in 2015, identifying several proposed future initiatives and priorities for the Village. The Village departments and citizen committees are submitting annual reports to the Village Board to inform them and the public on some of the recent initiatives and tasks accomplished in the past year. In addition, they are also submitting requests on high priorities and initiatives they would like to perform in the upcoming year. Village Trustees are also submitting requests for the other Village Board members to consider. This page outlines each of the reports and future initiatives sent to the Village Board. The Village Board will be considering these initiatives during their June 13, 18 and 25 meetings.

2017 Annual Reports

Clerk & Customer Service (PDF)Department of Public Works (PDF)Finance (PDF)
Library (PDF)Municipal Court (PDF)Planning & Development (PDF)
Police (PDF)Senior Resource Center (PDF)Village Manager's Office (PDF)

Community Development Authority (PDF)Conservation Committee (PDF)Design Review Board (PDF)
Elder Services Advisory Board (PDF)Library Board (PDF)Marketing & Communications Advisory Committee (PDF)
Parks Commission (PDF)Plan Commission (PDF)Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee (PDF)
Public Art Committee (PDF)Shorewood Historical Society (PDF)

2018-19 Departments - Proposed Initiatives for Discussion

Clerk & Customer Service

Department of Public Works



Municipal Court

Planning and Development


Senior Resource Center

Village Manager's Office

2018-19 Citizen Committees & Community Groups - Proposed Initiatives for Discussion

Community Development Authority (CDA)

Conservation Committee

Design Review Board (DRB)

Elder Services Advisory Board (ESAB)

Library Board

Marketing and Communications Advisory (& Leadership) Committee (all future initiatives summarized (PDF))

  • Shorewood brand positioning statement
  • Tagline development
  • Social video campaign development
  • Brand tracker (survey)
  • Explore walking tour (podcast / audio)
  • Realtor open house reconsideration
  • Marketing plan framework & process development for community events and other initiatives (i.e. Ghost Train)

Parks Commission

Plan Commission

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee

Public Art Committee

Shorewood Historical Society (all future initiatives summarized (PDF))

  • Implement phase II of the "Birthday Stone Marker" initiative
  • Digitization of the Shorewood Hearld collection (1926-2002)
  • Installation of permanent signs displaying the history of Southwest Shorewood
  • Identify and begin research on the next historical site for educational signs
  • Initiate a Historical Society scholarship award
  • Consider collaboration with the Library for a media digitization lab

Village Board of Trustees