2019 Alley Reconstruction Program (proposed)

The proposed 2019 alley program includes the alleys serving the following properties:

  • 1500-1700 blocks E. Beverly Road/ E. Newton Avenue
  • 4000 block N. Wilson Drive/ N. Woodburn Avenue
  • 4000 block of N. Morris Boulevard/ N. Larkin Street
  • 4300 block N. Sheffield Avenue /N. Marlborough Drive
  • 4400 block N. Morris Boulevard/ N. Larkin Street
  • 4400 block N. Newhall Street/ N. Bartlett Avenue
  • 4500 block N. Woodburn Street/ N. Morris Boulevard
  • 4500 block N. Larkin Street/ N. Newhall Street

The final 2019 program will be determined based upon the adoption of the 2019 Capital Budget and may include all or a part of these alley segments.

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2019 alley reconstruction program