Conservation Film Festival

For several years running, the Conservation Committee has hosted annual screenings of environmental documentaries, offered free to residents as an educational opportunity. In 2017, the tradition of a single screening in the fall was upgraded to become a three-screening film festival in February, March, and April, leading into Earth Day weekend. Films were combined with guest speakers to highlight issues of local and current interest including waste reduction (Racing to Zero), dam removal (DamNation), and the environmental and social costs of cheap clothing (The True Cost).


Previous screenings included a range of documentaries that illustrated environmental issues of local, national, and global importance: food waste (2016, Just Eat It), the quick rise and terrible costs of bottled water (2015, Tapped), the aquatic health of the Great Lakes system (2014, Waterlife), the legacy of Wisconsin native and environmental legend Aldo Leopold (2013, Green Fire), and the resource crisis presented by single-use plastic bags (2012, Bag It).


Following public screenings, the Conservation Committee donates the films it purchases to the Shorewood Library for further community benefit and education.



Racing to Zero -

DamNation -

The True Cost -



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