Conservation Committee's Recent Projects

  • Proposed and helped execute the Village’s first curbside organics collection pilot study to determine the demand, logistics, and economics of municipal composting in Shorewood. The pilot study successfully enrolled 100 households and ran from June 1, 2017, through May 31, 2018, with weekly collection of commingled kitchen and yard scraps by a contracted hauler.


  • Planned annual “Clean Green” recycling and safe disposal opportunity in Shorewood to encourage proper reuse or recycling of difficult household items and reduce the landfill-bound waste stream in our community.


  • Hosted annual screenings of environmental documentary films, offered free to residents as an educational opportunity.


  • Partnered with Milwaukee Shines and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association to offer Shorewood residents an unprecedented opportunity to participate in a low-cost solar group-buy. The 2016 program finished with 174 kW installed on 52 homes and businesses in the Milwaukee area, with Shorewood contributing nearly a third of installed capacity and contributing proudly to the largest group-buy to date in Wisconsin.


  • Teamed up with the Lake Bluff PTO to offer ongoing collection of inkjet cartridges, old cell phones, cameras, and other small electronics for safe recycling and disposal in order to reduce toxic e-waste going to landfills through Planet Green. Funds raised will go toward renovating the kindergarten playground.



  • Worked with Wilson Drive Task Force on evaluating street reconstruction options for sustainability issues and green space improvements.


  • Consulted with Parks Commission on updating dog ordinances at Atwater Beach, Hubbard Park, and River Park by providing information on environmental hazards associated with dog waste.


  • Advised Village staff and trustees on solid waste contract renewal options and advocated for waste reduction schemes and expanded recycling opportunities.


  • Organized and staffed local “weedout” events in Shorewood parks to eliminate noxious weeds like garlic mustard, pick up trash, and perform general land stewardship practices.