Shorewood Utilities

Shorewood Water Works

The Shorewood Water Works is a self-financing enterprise owned by the Village of Shorewood and regulated by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Shorewood owns and maintains the water distribution system within its municipal boundaries but purchases its water at a wholesale rate from the City of Milwaukee Water Works.

Shorewood Sewer Utility

The mission of the Shorewood Sewer Utility is to protect the health, safety, and environment of the Village of Shorewood through the cost-effective and efficient collection and conveyance of wastewater in accordance with applicable law.

The Shorewood Sewer Utility operates and maintains a sewer collection system which consists of 158,400 linear feet of sanitary and combined sewers.

Hydrant Flushing Note

The particles dislodged during hydrant flushing are mineral (calcium) deposits and do not impact lead levels in drinking water. Lead is not found in our source water, Lake Michigan, and it is not found in our treated drinking water. Lead may enter drinking water when water sits stagnant in a home's lead service lateral and from lead plumbing in homes. Hydrant flushing does not impact this condition.

Lead & Drinking Water

Lead is not found in our source water, Lake Michigan, and it is not found in our treated drinking water.

Structures built prior to 1951, including most of Shorewood's homes, likely have lead water service lines. When water stands unused for several hours, lead can dissolve into the water from the service line or lead plumbing. The amount of lead will vary depending on how much water is used in your home and how often it is used. To control this, the Milwaukee Water Works (MWW) treats our water with a compound that forms a protective coating inside pipes to control lead dissolving into the water. MWW has provided this corrosion control since 1996.

For additional information on this topic, please see our Lead Service Replacement program page.

Contact Information

For Utility Billing please contact 414-847-2601. For Utility Service please contact 414-847-2650.

Additional information regarding the Shorewood Water Works, including rate and billing information, drinking water data and capital improvement programs can be accessed on the Water Utility page.

View the Shorewood Sewer Utility webpage for information regarding the Village's:

  • Combined sewer system
  • Separate sewer system
  • Storm sewer system
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