Recreation & Culture

  1. Parking

    Peruse information about where and when you can park.

  2. Parks

  3. Recreation Center

    See the Recreation Center's website.

  4. Senior Resource Center Programs

    Look at the different programs offered for seniors.

  5. Shorewood Connects

    Shorewood Connects is a Village-sponsored project developed to enhance the ability of older residents to remain in and contribute to the life of the Village. Finding ways to make Shorewood more “senior-friendly” and restoring neighborliness to neighborhoods are at the core of this project.

  6. Shorewood Historical Society

    Find out about the history of the Village of Shorewood.

  7. The Ghost Train

    The Ghost Train,’ an artistic sensory experience to take place at the Oak Leaf Trail Bridge and Capitol Drive in Shorewood, made its inaugural run on October 31, 2016. This first-of-its-kind public art installation will enable visitors to travel back in history, imagining the round-trip journey of the ‘Twin Cities 400’ which was operated by the Chicago & North Western Railway and crossed that same location from 1935-1963. Touted as the fastest passenger train in the world, the Chicago & North Western Railway’s ‘400’ routinely covered the 400 miles between Chicago and St. Paul, MN in just 400 minutes –including its travel through Shorewood along the route of today’s Oak Leaf Trail.

  8. 100 Years of Shorewood