Building and Trade Permit Information & Resources

Building and Trade Permits

A permit application provides for a system that will generate a corresponding inspection. Inspections are done to ensure the work done is to national, state and local standards, and that valuable homes are properly maintained.

View the Permit Information Sheet for a listing of what work requires a permit.

View the 2018 Permit Fee Schedule.

Permit Responsibility

Typically, a contractor will submit permit applications and receive a copy of the approved permit. However, the property owner is responsible for ensuring that all proper permits are submitted for work done at the property. Homeowners are encouraged to request copies of approved permits from their contractors. If work begins without a permit, the contractor and/or the property owner may be subject to triple permit fees for work done without permits.

Permit Process

Generally, permits are reviewed and approved within 2-3 business days of being submitted.
All permit fees are required at the time of submittal. Permits may be mailed, hand delivered or emailed.

Mail or hand deliver permits to:
Village of Shorewood
Attn: Planning & Development Department
3930 N. Murray Ave.
Shorewood, WI 53211

Email permits and materials to:

Commercial Inspections

The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services has declared the Village of Shorewood a commercial building code enforcement authority with the primary responsibility to perform plan reviews for building projects within the municipality. Village inspectors will perform inspections in lieu of the State for all commercial building projects regardless of size.

Commercial Plan Reviews

Building plan reviews will be performed for new buildings and their additions totaling no more than 50,000 cubic feet and alterations affecting not more than 100,000 cubic feet. The village will not perform plan reviews for fire sprinklers and fire alarms. Download the Application for Plan Review to apply for a plan review. Please include digital plans of the project with your application.

If plans have been submitted to the State for plan review, all State approved plans must be submitted with permits at the time a permit is pulled for the corresponding work.