Vision Statements Finalized

The Village Board has been hard at work developing the 2025 Vision Plan. After the last series of meetings, the board has finalized their Vision Statements: In 2025, Shorewood will be:
  • A vibrant urban community with:
    • Safe, friendly neighborhoods offering desirable housing options that attract diverse people of all ages and stages of life
    • Opportunities to work in and to grow successful profit and non-profit businesses in and near Shorewood
    • Attractive and thriving local service, retail, and hospitality businesses
    • Excellent local schools and easy access to world-class centers of culture and higher education
    • Strong multi-modal transportation infrastructure.
  • A welcoming community embracing new people and innovative ideas, engaging with others to continuously improve Shorewood and the Milwaukee metro area
  • A healthy community with clean air and water and access to excellent medical services and businesses, facilities, and programs that promote personal health and wellness
  • An ecologically-responsible community with an appreciation for the lake, river, and other natural areas and a commitment to sustainability
  • A financially responsible community with suitable and well-maintained public buildings and infrastructure, strong property values, a competitive tax rate, and a commitment to public service excellence
  • A well-governed community with leaders and citizens who value broad civic participation and maintain a long-range, disciplined view of the future
Next Steps
The next steps for the board will be to finalize the goals, strategies, objectives and tactics to accomplish each of these vision statements. After the board completes all of their tasks, they will hold a meeting for the commissions and committees to provide their input on the plan at the beginning of April. The last step will be to provide the community with a chance to review the plan and provide the board with feedback sometime in late April. The plan should be complete in the beginning of May.